Literature Review On Patient Satisfaction

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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW The Encyclopedia defines an inpatient as someone admitted to the hospital and stays overnight or for an indeterminate time, usually several days or weeks (though some cases, such as coma patients, have been in hospitals for years). Treatment provided in this fashion is called inpatient care. 2.1 DEFINITION OF PATIENT SATISFACTION Patient satisfaction is many-faced and a very difficult to define. Plenty authors have dissimilar views about the definition of patient satisfaction (Al-Abri et al. 2015). According to Morris et al. 2013, patient perception of care greatly contributes to satisfaction. Other…show more content…
He also thinks that patient satisfaction has effect on the end result of clinical care, retaining of patients and medical claims of misconduct. It affects the performance and patient-centered distribution of quality health care. Patient satisfaction is thus an agent but a very effective instrument to measure the success of physicians and hospitals (Prakash 2010). Patient Satisfaction is a highly admirable product of hospital care and may even be an element of health position itself (Donabedian 1988). A patient’s feeling of satisfaction is a conclusion on the quality of hospital care in all of its aspects (Turcson 2005). Turcson also noted that irrespective of its strengths and limits, patient satisfaction is a very important factor that should not be disposable to the evaluation of the quality of care in hospitals. According to Asadi-Lari et al. 2004, patients' satisfaction is directly proportional to the depth to which general health care needs and conditions are…show more content…
Of those who complain, most will return if you can solve their issue swiftly. Better still, if a patient has a complaint fixed quickly and politely, they will want to tell others about their good experience and their good sense. Quick complaint resolve can assist you keep current customers and draw new ones by altering word-of-mouth advertising from negative to positive (Press Ganey, 2010). A customer who has had a high-quality experience with a business will usually tell about five other people, several of whom will become new

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