The Importance Of Reflective Measures

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A Journal on “Enhancing patient safety: The importance of direct supervision for avoiding medication errors and near misses by undergraduate nursing students” will be appraised. Further discussion below will critically appraise in to four key sections PICo, appraising validity, appraising results and appraising applicability. The objectives of this study explore the factors that influence the practice of medication administration for nursing students when in the off campus clinical setting.

This study involves 135 students of their final year of Bachelor of Nursing programme on level of supervision when administering medication Following phenomena of interest of this study on exploring the factors influncing medication
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Data was analysed through open, axial and selective coding. According to this article, open coding was to read and re-read the interviews transcript to fully understand the underlying thoughts of the participants. The development of categories will then emerged until there is no further catergories to be identified which is called saturation. Axial coding is following next and to identify connections between categories and sub categories. Lastly, selective coding examine and explain the connections between categories are then identified as central explanatory concept. In this study as identified, supervision is the central category. The results were represented with quotes of what the participants have verbalised and collected by the author to support their findings. The data present the relation of the category to medication error or near misses. It is shown that there was a significant relationship with the level of supervison that the participants participates during the incident…show more content…
Nursing students should have their knowledge and skills on their fingertips to ensure patients in their hands are safe and receiving the appropriate care. As medicines are often ordered by doctors for patients, medication administration should be one of the foundational skills nurses should always be competent at. Error on medication administration can potentially harm patient and for worst cases causing nursing liscense to be revoked. As medication error could be fatal once administed wrongly, the importance of medication administration should be thoroughly practice by nursing students before leaving school for internship. References
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