Literature Review On Plagiarism

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1. Introduction
To better understand the concept of plagiarism, researchers have embarked on different journeys where they use case studies to examine student behavior and their perception of plagiarism as well as measure the frequency of this behavior in various institutions and faculties across the world. In a journal titled, “An Academic Publisher’s Response to Plagiarism” Lewis, Duchac and Beets (2011) take it a step further by investigating the role that not only institutions play in cases to do with plagiarism, but also publishers that then place the articles online without taking due diligence to ensure that plagiarism did not occur and in some cases, fail to address the concerns raised by victims of such behavior. The objective of this literature review was to investigate the impact of plagiarism to the performance of students in a research methodology module. To fully analyze this topic, answers to these following questions were sought out:

• What causes plagiarism amongst students?
• How common is plagiarism amongst students and to what extent does this behavior have on their learning and development?

According to, a student refers to a person who is studying at a university or college. Plagiarism is xxx Long (2014) refers research methodology as the general logic and theoretical perspective of a study and is classified in three forms that is, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. Performance?

A careful full approach to clearly

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