Literature Review On Postpartum Depression

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For this literature review the following are some of the resources that were used to obtain the sough out information: The American Journal for Clinical Medicine and Depression Research and Treatment journal. This research handled the topic of postpartum depression or depression in women after giving birth. The key words used were the following: postpartum, depression, breastfeeding, effects of postpartum depression. 10 journal articles were found as a result of that method. The following is a summary of what was within some of those articles. Depression is a psychological disorder characterized by feelings of persistent sadness, hopelessness, and suicidal tendencies.1,2 There are several types of depression ranging from seasonal depression to postpartum depression (PPD), after birth depression.2 The term “postpartum depression” contains a number of different mood disorders that vary in their nature.3 These differences are essential when it comes to the displayed symptoms and applied treatment.3 PPD affects 10% to 15% of recent mothers. In some parts these percentages could rise up to 35%.3 However, most of the cases remain undiagnosed due to a number of factors…show more content…
It was thought previously that a mother who suffers from PPD is less likely choose breastfeeding as a method of nurturing the newly born child.4 However, in recent years the relationship between breastfeeding and PPD is believed to be bidirectional.4 In other words, not only do PPD mothers have reduced inclination towards breastfeeding, but also those who do not breastfeed have a higher chance of developing PPD.4 Moreover, breastfeeding could play a part when it comes to protecting the mother from PPD.4 Yet, the relationship still remains unclear due the conflicting results from multiple studies.4 In some studies, it was suggested that these new mothers who breastfed their children have an increased probability of showing PPD
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