Literature Review On Posture

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LITERATURE REVIEW: 2.1 INTRODUCTION: Posture is an attitude of our body upright counter to gravity although standing and sitting (1). The Curvature of spine defines our posture. It can be affected by various factors, including physical, biological and psychosocial factors as well as genetic and environmental interactions. Because of excessive stress on muscles for long duration of time to meet the demands of work, the body adjusts the load by adapting bad posture which causes misalignment of muscles and this may cause low back pain in many individuals. Anyone can attain bad & painful posture due to several causes.Posture firmness be influenced by on two leading mechanisms first is line of gravity and another is base of support (12). In70’s arm, neck and shoulder pain was commonly reported. Use of a computer mouse has increased rapidly over the years; they were often reported as "job-related cramps" or "work-related myalgia" (13). Cervical spine sustained load is a chief root of neck and shoulder discomfort during job-related or time-out activities (14). Adaption of sustained non-neutral spinal postures had been found in many jobs associated with complain of neck pain (15). Neck pain is the major concern occurs in those people who spend most of time to use computer (16) .Most of the MSD difficulties may lead to bad position in addition intermittent intervals although spending workstations, considerable of which might be addressed through teaching and training (17). Low back

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