Literature Review On Private Tuitions

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LITERATURE REVIEW Varma (2016, Apr 5). 7.1 Crore students take Pvt. Tuitions. The Times of India Retrieved from cr-students- take-pvt- tuitions- Report/articleshow/51690266.cms A recent survey done by National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) about 'coaching and tuition classes are parallel to the mainstream education system'. There is an estimation that there are huge number of students who are going for coaching or tuition classes. The estimation are as follows: Total number of students who are going for tuition classes 7.1 crore Total number of students in the country 26.00% Boys 4.1 crore Girls 3 crore According to the recent estimation “11%–12%” expenditure of families is…show more content…
According to parents coaching classes is a supportive step for their children. Even the students from rural areas goes for tuition classes. Nanda (2015, Jul 02). Private tuition thrives in India: NSSO survey. Mint Retrieved from outside-schools- colleges-thrives- in-India.html According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report one out of every four students in India takes coaching or tuition classes i.e. 75%. Taking coaching or tuition classes has become a norm. From this survey it was noted that 1/4 th of the students all over India are going for coaching or tuition classes. The students and parents believes in supplementary education like coaching for passing an exam or cracking a competitive examination. BBA-MBA (2014-19) TY Page 3 Masc arenhas (2014, April 1). The great Indian tuition and coaching industry. DNA Retrieved from great-indian- tuition-and-…show more content…
Importance and advantages of attending coaching Classes. Sooper articles Retrieved from: 12-education- articles/importance-advantages- attending-coaching- classes-1398405.html There is a huge competition among all the students as they want to excel in their life. With the help of tuition or coaching classes the parents feel that their children future is secured. Tuition or coaching classes helps the student to make the subject easy and interesting. Choosing the right coaching institute which provides proper guidance to the students. It helps the students to crack examinations and interviews. In coaching classes the students are guided by well qualified faculties so that the students can attain their dreams. If any candidate is weak in learning the subject then special care is provided to that candidate. So coaching classes also has positive effects on the students. Kumar (2016, march 8). Benefits and importance of tuition classes. Retrieved from tuition-classes.html Earlier there was an ideology that only weak students or candidates goes for the coaching

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