Personal Autonomy Factors

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CHAPTER - 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter deals with review of previous literature of variousliteratures prevailing in different parts of the country and overseas. Review of literature is the systematic search of a published work to gain information about a research topic (Polit and Pungler, 2011). Literature review makes contribution to new knowledge and scholarship of researcher. So, Literature review is an important aspect while pursuing research. Thus, this chapter provides a comprehensive analysis of the literature review which isbased on extensive search of books, journals, mass media information such as materials from standard news papers, seminars, lectures in conferences and international studies.The…show more content…
Studies have investigated quality of life in terms of psychological well being, morale, life satisfaction and happiness. But perhaps the most important personality factor to quality of life is a person’s sense of self and personal identity. 2.3.8 Personal Autonomy Factors Linked to personality factors but dependent also on the social and physical environments are personal autonomy factors such as the ability to make one’s own choices, the ability to exercise control and the ability to control or negotiate one’s own physical or social environment. However, cross-national audits of welfare or comparisons of different groups of individuals often include a metric of quality of life, underlying which are the assumptions that there are group-specific characteristics in quality of life. This review, for example, assumes that older age groups are sufficiently peculiar in this respect to merit. Such a review from this audit, perhaps due to the perception that the elderly are peculiarly vulnerable due to  declining physical and mental

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