Literature Review On Reading Comprehension

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Reading comprehension skill among children in Malaysia is extremely going down from day to day. As stated in the Malay Mail Online (2015), ‘In the 2012 edition of the PISA, Malaysia ranked 52nd overall out of 65 countries due to a dip in reading ability and science’. Therefore, some solutions need to be taken to overcome the problem. This chapter reviews literature relevant to the proposed study. It will be recalled that this study aims to identify the effectiveness of 5 Finger Retelling Strategy on reading comprehension of a participant of year three pupils. This review is being divided into three parts. The first part will be about reading comprehension where we are going to look on how people define the term and why it is important in improving…show more content…
Since reading comprehension is important, so we should also be aware with some of the factors that can affect reading comprehension. Lenz also stated that reading comprehension can be affected from the quality of reading materials given to pupils (2016). What he meant here was that in some texts or passages, writers will be using some basic and simple words. However, some writers can also produce more complex reading material than others. That is why there are some cases where pupils are not able to retain meaning as they were given with complex passages. Again in this article, Lenz has stated that reading comprehension is important for pupils to learn as it helps the reader in comprehending text and convey meaning through there. However, it depends to how the person read and gain meaning from the passage. It can also be through various strategies in understanding…show more content…
So, it means that for reading comprehension, it is not only about the ability to read the individual words and know the meaning, but it is about understanding the whole passage as well. Reading comprehension is known to be important because even though it is almost a complex thing as it requires our understanding, but it will be very beneficial especially to be used in peer teaching strategies. Pupils can discuss among themselves the ideas they got based on the passage they read. Besides that, Ylvisaker (2006) has also stated that reading comprehension is seemed to be important for pupils to learn as it has a very close connection with listening comprehension but still reading comprehension skill is much

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