Relationships And Communication

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Mercedes Wessels Mikki Savage Personal Wellness 7 February, 2018 Relationships and Communication Chapter five in the book, The Basics Health by Rebecca J. Donatelle, is all about relationships and communication. Throughout the chapter they discuss relationships along with the importances of communication. There are more than just romantic relationships though, the book also talks about friend relationships and even personal relationships with yourself. In this paper I will be discussing what I learned, what I thought about the information presented, and if I agree with it or not. Right from the start, chapter five starts out by talking about all the different kinds of relationships there are. When I read the heading talking about intimacy,…show more content…
What I didn’t know though, was all the different things that go into this. Like for example, the book talks about accountability. “Accountability means that you recognize responsibility for your own choices and actions (Donatelle, Rebecca J. 2017). Although, I have previously learned the meaning of accountability, what I didn’t know or realize is that in order to have a good relationship with yours, you had to be accountable for yourself. Now thinking about it after reading, I can see why it is so important. Being accountable for your actions not only makes you personally feel more matuature, it also makes you feel good about yourself in the long run which will strengthen your relationship with yourself. Being accountable may not feel good right away, especially if the consequences are negative, but eventually it will make you will realize why it is good for you. The book also states that if you are accountable to yourself, then “you don’t hold others responsible for positive or negative experiences” (Donatelle, Rebecca J. 2017) . If you hold others responsible, then you can start feel guilty which is going to affect your relationship with yourself negatively. After reading this, I now am going to think about this more when i’m in these situations. Overall, I personally agree with this information and I also feel it is important, even if it is hard to do
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