Literature Review On Service Quality

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2.1 Introduction
In this chapter, there will be a converse about the service quality theory and its importance and also, a relation of service quality to other quality concepts such as product and image quality. The perception will be measured and summarizes a variety of models for service quality and therefore introduces the SERVQUAL model in particular. A discussion about its qualities and gaps, in what circumstances sculpt has been used. There is also the concept of customer satisfaction and how it is been related service quality.

Furthermore, we will introduce an empirical context by measuring the importance why it is of meticulous awareness to study service quality and customer satisfaction in E-banking and why we choose to use the SERVQUAL model for our research. These will then lead us to clear up stating our research questions and research purpose in order to have a roadmap for our study.

2.2 Service Quality
2.2.1 Nature of Service
Due to service miscellany, it has conventionally has been difficult to find a proper meaning. Actually, services are created or brought and delivered or sold to customers and often hard to understand, as input and output intangible unlike that of a good or product. According to Lovelock (2004), a service is an electronic action that creates value and provides benefits for customers at specific time period and places by bringing about a preferred change in, or in behalf of and the recipient of the service.
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