Literature Review On Service Quality

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW In order to achieve the research objectives of this study, it is important to consider what authors and past researchers have put across concerning the research problem. Therefore, this chapter focuses on reviewing already existing literatures that may help in establishing the factors that influence service quality and customer satisfaction. This section also identifies the relevant theoretical framework within which the study is built. A conceptual framework is then developed showing the independent and dependent variables. 2.1 Service Quality The definition of quality cannot be settled upon as it varies from person to person under different situations. Efforts in defining quality come mainly from the product sector. Takeuchi et al as cited in (Parasuraman et al., 1985) say that quality and its requirements are not easily articulated by customers. Service quality has been studied widely under the section of service marketing. In the business dictionary service quality has been defined as an assessment of how well a business performs in relation to a client’s expectations. Service business owners often assess the service quality provided to their customers in order to improve their service, to quickly identify problems, and to better assess client satisfaction. According to Godja and Spaho cited in (Rajaguru & Rajesh, 2016) service quality is the gap between customer expectations and customer perceptions of a service offered. The smaller the

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