Literature Review On Silent Bottle

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CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction The earlier chapter discussed about the background of the problem, the statement and the goal of the study. It went further by laying out how the stakeholders are going to benefit from the study. Now this chapter is going to display the earlier studies about the study and their related theories, the conceptual framework and the research gap. It will undertake the task of analyzing different theories about human behaviours, and trend of packaging in the beverage industry around the globe and provides a thorough understanding of the dynamics involved. 2.2 Definitions of Key Concepts The key concepts under this research study includes, bottled water, packaging, bottle ease opening packaging, Product label packaging, Bottle sizes packaging, and a silent salesman. To this end the following sections will discuss in details these concepts. 2.2.1 Bottled water, its meaning, trend and importance Bottled water is any product, with mineral, spring or well water taken from community or private service systems, distilled or other water, to which chemicals may add and which put into sealed bottles, packages or other containers be sold for home use or gastronomic use. (Department of Health, New York State, 2006). The bottled water business started in Europe and Russia in the early 1900’s and years later extended to the other part of the world, in particular US and China. All the way through history, water was to stay alive.

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