Literature Review On Social Anxiety Disorder

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Literature review
According to NICE clinical guideline (2013), Social anxiety disorder is determined fear of or anxiety about one or more social or performance situations that are out of proportion to the actual threat posed by the situation. Studies has shown that this disorder is the most extensive of all the anxiety disorder as it is third most common problem of mental health illness. The person suffering from this disorder cant able to be focused having attention decrease and having negative taught about getting adverse feedback from others. According to the national institute of mental health, 28.8% American will suffer from anxiety disorder in their lifespan. According to (Green&Ben-Sasson2010) our responses to sensory stimuli such as impairment in dedication, modulation or interpretation of stimuli may be contributing factor to social anxiety. Studies show that low self-esteem also a risk factor for social phobia (Acartruk et al 2009). Model
There are numerous models and theories have been used by the health care personals for the treatment and purpose of social phobia like the cognitive model of social phobia (Clark & Wells, 1995) with particular emphasis on self-focused attention and social anxiety. this model explain that person individual whose having social anxiety will underestimate their ability to handle the social interaction, as in my patient he felt that I can’t go in social gathering, “I’m useless, don’t want to live any more, people are thinking that

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