Literature Review On Social Entrepreneurship

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Literature Review Three decades ago the evolution on the usage of the terms social entrepreneurship, social enterprise or social entrepreneur had their roots taken from the study of many researchers and those personalities who contributed for the development of the society in different ways. This paper talks about the evolution of the industry from its birth in UK when William Drayton started Ashoka foundation with the inspiration of “Land Gift Movement” led by Vinoba Bave, follower of Gandhi to the present market with many incubation centers and the foundations who support capable individuals in transforming the social issues to business opportunities with their innovative ideas which help in the growth of people.
Authors & year Definition of Social Entrepreneurship
Austin, J,
Stephenson, H,
& Wei-Skillern.J., 2006 Social entrepreneurship is an innovative, social value-creating activity that can occur within or across the non-profit, businesses or government sectors.

Johnson, 2000 Social entrepreneurship is emerging as an innovative approach for dealing with complex social needs. With its emphasis on problem solving and social innovation, socially entrepreneurial activities blur the traditional boundaries between the public, private and non-profit sector and emphasize hybrid model of for-profit and non-profit activities.

Nichols, A., 2007 Social entrepreneurship entails innovations designed to explicitly improve societal well being, housed within

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