Literature Review On Social Media Communication

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LITERATURE REVIEW Methods of acquiring information have changed drastically with time. Earlier it was the television, newspaper and radio, which only worked in the locality. Communication today is no more one way. It is now a Two way one. This allows marketers to receive feedback about their products almost instantly. Also, they can comprehend and estimate the response of a new product and accordingly manufacture. It saves a lot of advertising cost and prevents losses and they can dynamically make changes to the product to suit the customer’s need. Everyone who is in business is aware of how important marketing is for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is to expand their company and their reach to potential as well as existing clients.(). Media channels of networks like Facebook, have no boundaries. Since advertising cost is almost zero, Many small companies and industries have come up and even overtaken the big old ones. Not only is it affordable, companies can now customize and tailor the ads as per the individual. Not only does the client base increase every day, but also, the customer service has improved drastically. Companies don’t wait more than a couple of hours to respond to complaints and queries. Social media communication has changed the business world forever. It is a big part of the marketing plan of the future for many companies, and it is largely free, which makes it even better. () Advertising and PR methodology have taken a 180 degree turn in the

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