Literature Review On Strategic Planning

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This article was published in an academic journal and it provides information to organization and scholars who have interest in the study of strategic planning. The strategic planning is researched in relation to firm performance and the information in the article will remain a resource material on this subject for some time. Strategic planning is a study that does not change often and is expected to remain stable for years.

The tables were used under section three and four in research methodology and research findings. Table one (1) was about the analysis the results of the test of internal consistency reliability, it was easy to follow and understand and indicated a very high reliability. The other tables were all under section four and these were table two (2) to four (4) which presented research findings. The tabulation of the findings was also easy to comprehend. The analysis that the tables showed under mean and standard deviation were presented well for the reader to understand. Tables five (5) to seven (7) analyzed the Correlation (r) for the relationship between strategic planning constituent variables and other variables; the analysis also was done very well and presented the results well and convincingly.

In 2011 an article was published in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal and a research was conducted and it investigated the impact of strategic planning activities on
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