Literature Review On Stress

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3. Review of Literature

3.1 Stress

Stress is one factor which can affect all the three components of health namely physical, mental and social. Almost every human being undergoes stress at various stages of their life. In 2012, the Australian Psychological Society classified stress into 3 types, namely acute, episodic acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is short and specific to the demands of a particular situation. Episodic acute stress is an acute stress which is experienced over and over again. This type of stress is more common among the teenagers and office goers. The chronic stress involves demands and pressures which seems to be a day to day phenomenon. Short term stress can be adaptive but chronic stress in certain cases leads to devastating health effects.

Recent studies in America showed that women are affected more by stress than men. It showed that 23% of the US women experience more stress (at the scales of 8, 9 and 10) as opposed to only 16% in case of men (Stress in America- American Psychological Association, 2012). A study conducted by Nielson (2011) showed that Indian women are affected by stress more than any other country in the world. The study showed that 87% of women in India are affected by stress. Studies by Sahoo et al, in 2010 showed that 20% of the young male adults had symptoms of stress with the maximal age group being 22 years. Thus stress is a major health issue globally and major steps has to be adopted in preventing it and also
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