Literature Review On Stroke

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Review of Literature 3.1 Introduction Health is a holistic concept. Spiritual care is an important component of holistic nursing care for patients who are chronically ill. Patients with stroke usually have a long term prognosis. Medical treatment is effective in acute management, but the patient needs to be prepared spiritually to live with impaired functions of daily activities. Nurses need to be competent in identifying and managing spiritual care needs. Research Studies have been conducted worldwide that addresses spirituality, role of nurses, spiritual wellbeing and training programs on spiritual care for nurses. 3.2 Cerebral Stroke, psychological responses and management Cerebral stroke occurs when a blood clot or ruptured artery or blood vessel interrupts blood flow to an area of the brain. Psychological sequelae to stroke include emotional and behavioural changes and cognitive impairment. Stroke affects the brain, and our brain controls our behavior and emotions. The emotional, psychological and behavioural changes that take place following a stroke are, in part, caused by physical damage to the brain.(The Stroke association,2006). A systematic review and meta analysis on factors associated with post stroke anxiety has found a signification association between depression and anxiety after stroke (Francesca, Simiao, Ho-Yan Yvonne & Gillian, 2016).To investigate common causes and pattern of short and long –term admissions of stroke

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