Literature Review On Student Performance

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2.0 Introduction

This chapter elaborates the relation of previous research study with the objectives in this research. The important parameters, guidelines, quotes or findings from earlier researches are mentioned.
2.1 Review of Previous Research Studies

2.1.1 Student Performance

According to U.S. Department of Education, student performance defined as academic progress of a single student, such as formative and summative assessment data, coursework, instructor observations, student engagement and time on task, and similar information. ( A student performance is a specific statement about what a student should be able to DO as the result of instruction. In most cases it would or should be a short period of instruction and would involve the student completing some simple task correctly. Whatever the task is, it must be something that can be evaluated by observing the student or having the student responds to a test question. (Dr. Ron Pendleton, 2005 To help define better student performance, the researcher using the four dimensions of the Learning Criteria to Support 21st Century Learning™, which developed by the International Centre based on findings in highly successful schools and rapidly improving schools. (
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