Literature Review On Thalassemia

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Bakhshipour, Panahiyan, Hasanzadeh and Tamaddoni (2014), Relationship between Personality Traits and Happiness in Patients with Thalassemia aimed at determining the relationship between personality traits and happiness in patients with major thalassemia. The design of this study was descriptive (correlational study). The target population of this study was all under-treated patients with major thalassemia in Amirkola thalassemia center in 2011. Among these patients, 150 patients were sampled using simple random sampling method and Morgan 's table. The patients were asked to complete NEO-five factor Inventory (short form) and Oxford happiness inventory. Based on the results, there is a statistically significant relationship
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Lee and Suh (2014), Phenomenological Study on Happiness Experienced by Career Nurses studied the meaning and essence of happiness by exploring and describing career nurses ' lived experiences. Qualitative research was used in this study. Hospital nurses who had 3-5 years of experience in the clinical setting were interviewed and the data was analysed using Giorgi 's phenomenological method. Six main meanings and seventeen themes emerged. The six main meanings were as follows: self-confidence as a professional nurse, passion for self-realization, feeling of satisfaction in performance of nursing care, being grateful for working environment, emotional intimacy in interpersonal relationships, and taking delight and pleasure in leisure life. The results of this study provide deep understanding of happiness as positive experiences that increase job satisfaction and aid retention to the nursing profession. These results can be used in the development of effective strategies to improve and expand nurses '…show more content…
Sinha and Sinha (2012), Factors Affecting Employee Retention: A Comparative Analysis of two Organizations from Heavy Engineering identified the main factors of retention management strategies in organizations. The organizations taken into consideration are two heavy engineering manufacturers based in India. The data was collected from 100 employees holding middle managerial positions in the two organizations. The Cronbach’s alpha of the questionnaire was found to be 0.823& Pearson correlation was 0.951 (pIndividuals differ greatly in this regard. A Company should exert some effort and undertake some analyses to determine the nonmonetary interests and preferences of its key employees, and then attempt to meet these preferences in action. Retention strategies should not be orchestrated in isolation but must form part of the overall strategies for strengthening the pull on the talent while this augurs well for employees, it means employers need to up the ante on Employee Retention, one of the most critical issues organizations face today. The Author has given some suggestion to improvise the procedure of employee retention. As genius say, happiness can be contagious. So make sure the work place is a happy one, which every employee would love to spend time. Human resources department along with senior management must take steps to make sure of this. Effective human resource management must be practiced at both strategic and day-to-day levels. HR management practices must reflect

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