Literature Review On The Benefits Of Solar Energy

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 INTRODUCTION Under this chapter, various literatures on the variables considered in examining the benefits of using solar energy as an alternative source of energy to wood and electricity are discussed. The information in this chapter acted as a baseline during data analysis and discussion. Data in this chapter is obtained from the use of text materials, journals, manuals and handbooks as well as general articles on renewable energy. 2.2 DEFINITION OF KEY TERMS 2.2.1 SOLAR ENERGY Solar energy is the utilization of sunlight for generation of electricity. The energy generation from sun can be done by a direct method using the photovoltaic method, or using indirect method where the sun’s light or energy is focused to boil and heat water which is later used to provide power. Photovoltaics (PVs) are devices which generate electricity simply by being exposed to light. Primarily, solar power refers to the use of sun radiation for generation of electricity, using PVs. However, besides that, geothermal and tidal, all other renewable energy sources get their energy from the sun (Henrik, 1999)…show more content…
The sources of biomass are specially planned to generate electricity or produce heat from them. The most commonly use biomass are wood chips, dead trees and tree trumps. It also includes plants or animals that a used for production of chemicals and fibers. It may also include waste that is biodegradable, meaning waste that is usually burnt as a fuel (Ollikainen,

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