Literature Review On The Importance Of Academic Honestyy And Estrity

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Literature Review on the importance of academic honesty and integrity Deliverable 1 Mohammad Althafiri 35816 Othman Hasan 32963 Khaled Alhajri 29869 Yousef Alhasawi 28695 Part 1 • It 's certain that making questionnaire reflect the views and perspectives which by turn reveal the tendency of the majority. So my questionnaire will be done in AUM on students from different locations and can be moved to an organization having fresh graduate workforce. It will be done within the period of coming weeks. It will be done by distributing papers of questionnaire which hold some questions to check their perspectives on academic honesty and integrity. • The data will be around their opinions towards the effect of the existence and nonexistence of academic honesty and integrity and further the importance of applying academic honesty and integrity. Through closed questions can be analyzed easily rather than open ones. • To ensure anonymity, I insist on not mentioning names, addresses or e-mails or any identity information related to persons who are under questionnaire. Part 2 No doubt that academic honesty and integrity is the base of successful and pure progress in study and research which contributes much in generating professional cadres in all different work fields. Students, who follow honesty and integrity in their study, are considered independent looking for the right ways through which get their degrees. This

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