The Advantages Of Using Social Media

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2.1 Introduction to chapter
There are many materials such as journals, article and thesis about the social media and its uses in marketing. However researcher has use reliable new media site mainly in finding the right article and journals to topic relating to this research because it has most wide information access compare with traditional media.
2.2 Social
Social by definition is involving behaviour of human beings towards one another. Communication can be exchange through socializing. (Publisher, 2015) Research has been conducted by William Fleeson agreeing that those who are “verbal” and “confident” during socializing including the introverts were more likely to have positives emotions such excitement and
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One of its main advantages is that the content can be easily distributed as social media always play a large part of any marketing distribution plan. Previously, marketers have problem in reaching to their audience with their content in the limited time. In this present day, social media can be using for business and to spread the information with just a click of a button and can be greatly beneficial for all types of businesses. (Carbone, 2015) There are tips for publisher in publishing their work. Firstly, it is important to identify the target audience. Potential buyers need to be described specifically such gender, age, race, interest, education and so on. These will be able to identify which approach or marketing strategy can be applied to these audiences.
Other than that, publisher can start promoting the product locally and then it can be expand following to owns effort. Online marketing can start with having a great looking poster, banner, or catchy headlines about your product. However, promoting the products locally is easy to do but when it comes to regional and national media, publishers may not be able to get attention from their target audience. It is possible but need to put an extra work. It is much easier for new authors to gain attention from local media outlets such as newspapers, television and radio. (n.a., 10 Tips for Marketing
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This method existed before the intervene of the Internet and has been seen as the most effective form of marketing. Humans are more likely to believe something that comes from others whom is more influential or respected rather than suspicious source such commercial on the Internet. WOMM advertising has become more powerful with the existence of social networks. To give a good example, late night TV host Conan O’Brien was able to sell out ALL of the tickets in his entire concert venues just by sending out a single tweet on Twitter. Word of mouth has helped him to create brand awareness. (n.a, Word of Mouth Marketing,
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