Literature Review On The Sundarbans Reserved Forest

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3. Literature Review
Although the valuation of Sundarbans Reserved Forest is a relatively new concept from a Bangladeshi viewpoint, it would be untrue to state that there have not been works to estimate values of mangrove forests and its services in the past, all around the world. So, before we delve in to analyze and calculate a value for the ecosystem of SRF, a look at these researches and their findings are in order. It is, however, important to note that the results of these researches have not been consistent; in fact in different cases and countries the results have been very dissimilar. Most experts have atoned these differences to disparity in the types of mangrove-related goods, the premises related to the linkage between these type
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(2015) was looked at to get an idea of the travel cost valuation technique being applied to environmental goods similar to the SRF ecosystem: in Kawsar et al.’s case Lawachara National Park (LNP) in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Kawsar et al. estimated 55,694,173 Taka/year as the economic value of LNP and suggested imposing an entry fee of 25 taka/visit to raise revenue to further the management and infrastructure improvements there, which is the path that this research on TCV of SRF will follow. On the other hand, Uddin states that never in history has the total value of the Bangladeshi part of Sundarbans been economically valued and hence, it always loses out during policy-making in the development front. The paper also provided economic estimates of some of Sundarbans’ provisioning services. Moreover, it spoke about the climate impacts on the two most prominent commercial species of flora, Sunduri and Gewa. He states “The suitable area of Sunduri trees is expected to decrease with 14% by 2050 (32 cm Sea Level Rise) and 45% by 2100 (88 cm Sea Level Rise) compared to the base year 2001, whereas the suitable area of Gewa could decrease up to 7% by 2100. However, the value of 'Sunduri' stocks will reduce by almost 45% by 2100 whereas the value of 'Gewa' stocks will remain fairly constant.” Lastly, he paves the way for a research to estimate the total economic value of SRF that would initiate better policy-making for the

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