Literature Review On Vehicular Communication System

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Akshit Johri

Abstract—with the proliferation of various transport media, study about vehicular communication systems has become all the more important as they contribute towards road safety as well as comfort while travelling. This paper reviews the history, evaluation, significance, current state and issues, and future scope of the various communication systems used in present day vehicles.
Keywords—vehicular, communication, systems.
Vehicular Communication Systems have grown into a new technology that has made its advent presently in the market, industry or the research laboratories due to increasing traffic on
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Apart from providing the many advantages, these systems are quite prone to abuses. This can be explained with an example of many nodes that are responsible for conveying vehicular information but contaminates them with information that is not true. Another example can be that nodes can recognize and collect confidential information about drivers on road and hence can become systems of abuse. Even some of the wireless devices are capable of damaging the vehicular communications. Hence there is also a need to help these systems with their security. Otherwise the many benefits of the vehicular communication systems could be turned into disasters and threats to a society by criminal or anti-social elements. This leads to the development of various security measures that shield the vehicular communication systems from attacks. But securing the systems is not that easy as requires a technology that considers the legal, networking, economical and application issues. Thus,…show more content…
The significance of the vehicular communication systems lie in their characteristics. The most common characteristic of the nodes of vehicular networks was that there is high computing power and ample energy in them which includes both processing power as well as storage capacity. The capabilities of sensing, communication and the power of computing can be afforded any operating vehicles. Limited to roadways, very predictable movement can be found in vehicles unlike what is found in ad-hoc networks of a general mobile. Figure 4: Significance of

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