Literature Review On Work Life Balance

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1. LITERATURE REVIEW 3 1.1. Overview of the themes 3 1.2. <First broad theme of literature examined> 5 1.3. <Second broad theme of literature examined> 7 2. CONCLUSION 9 3. REFERENCE LIST 10 1. LITERATURE REVIEW Work-life balance (WLB) is a situation where people can manage their work and their personal life, without and sometimes with one role affecting the other one (Lewis, 2011). The “life” aspect can be considered as “family life”, “non-work activities”, etc. Some authors refer at it as “work-life balance” and others as “work-family balance”, because “life” also involves “work” and it not only affects their life, but also their families. However, this balance is not equal to everybody (Kossek, Batles, Matthews, 2011). This literature review emphasizes on the point of view of Hospitality managers trying to deal with this issue. 1.1. Work-Life Balance This issue started in U.S. (1970) when women wanted to join workplace and take care of home (Lewis, 2011), and it has increased in the past years because of three main aspect; work pressure, home quality and people’s values. Work pressure, because of the necessity of fast results and work overload (more importance to customer service and being available for them). Home and community quality, employees spend less quality time with their families because of intensive and unsociable working hours. People’s attitudes and values, depending on the generation people look for a better balance or not (Deery and Jago, 2009). This

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