Literature Review On Workplace Bullying

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Farmer, D. (2011). Workplace Bullying: An increasing epidemic creating traumatic experiences for targets of workplace bullying. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science , 196-203.
The author of this work asserts that there is widespread incidence of workplace bullying around the world to the extent that it has reached highly alarming levels. This article explores the reasons underlying the prevalence of workplace bullying. Further, it presents the adverse impacts of this phenomenon on the victims while discussing possible remedial measures that can be employed to alleviate the problem. The author specifies common forms of workplace bullying which may range from the physical to the psychological. A particular cause of workplace bullying that is discussed is the current trend of organizational restructuring. The author posits that this trend brings along elements of unhealthy competition, which competition may breed practices that tend towards workplace bullying. The author opines that in looking to find solutions to this problem, it should be perceived through lenses similar to those used in perceiving domestic violence. That way, the urgency of the matter can be grasped and timely interventions undertaken. This source is helpful in showing the significance of the subject matter.
Kelly, D. J. (2005). Reviewing Workplace Bullying: Strengthening Approaches to a Complex Phenomenon. Retrieved October 25, 2015, from University of Wollongong:

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