Literature Review: Organizational Work Culture

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Literature review Organizational Work culture
Work culture is becoming important concept in today’s modern organizational environment. Work culture has become a primarily focus of organizations and corporate sectors in recent times. As work culture as great significance for the organizations we assumed that working on work culture can somehow add more literature to the existing literature of work culture. The below literature will help in explaining the concept of work culture.
In most cases Work in an organization, is individual focused that explains the way in which individual perceive the working place is dependent on individual (matimes, lorence & kaumkay 1986).
The three features of work cultures are following.
• Temporal flexibility
• Operational flexibility,
• Supervisor support
These three features of work culture were given by (bailyn,1997)
Temporal flexibility: Temporal flexibility is significantly possessing freedom of change in an employee working hours, most of the time employees have stated that flexibility in working hours has aggrandized output of employee’s (solmon,1997). the output of employee’s can be increased because when there is flexibility in working hours of employee’s then as result of that the stress level ,absenteeism and turnover will decrease and hence output will increase. (kingston 1990). so it is quite clear that flextime in

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