Literature Review Related Literature

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Chapter 2
Review of Related Literatures
The rise of technology gradually conquers the system of people’s lives, and as it continues to progress, it is affiliated with other fields such as education. This paved a way to the emergence of educational technology. According to the Council for Educational Technology for United Kingdom (1997), "educational technology is the development, application and evaluation of systems, techniques and aids to improve the process of human learning" (Garo, 2008). The objective focuses on the advancement of learning through reforming teaching strategies, styles or methods parallel with technology. On the other hand, the World Almanac Education Group Incorporation (2015) defined educational technology or audiovisual
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“The dramatic rise in the use of digital media has changed the way learning taking place,” stated by Thota and Negreiros (2015). Innovations on teaching styles and methods were being applied to the lessons in order to respond to this change brought by progressing world, and one of these innovations is executed through the use of audio-visual aids. Utilizing the instructional media in the teaching and learning processes was seemed to be educators approach to be efficient (Matulac, 2004)., but a research showed that the integration of such technology in the teaching process was low and authentically inapplicable for students though the teachers’ perception with regard to the use of technology in the classroom were high (Schulze, 2014). In the Philippine context, the Congressional Commission on Education of the Philippines revealed several problems in connection with technology-education integration, and among them were concerned with the length of school year and adoption in schools (Miralao & Braid, 2000). Class interruptions were might be primarily caused by sudden natural calamities occurring in the country; therefore, it lengthens the days of school or rushes the teachers to finish the learning module that leads to poor teaching strategy and failed comprehension for the pupils. EDCOM’s assessment and review about the Philippine education also showed that innovation in both fields of technology and education were barely can be adapted in the system. Perhaps, the country is not yet equipped to embrace the technology within the system. To be a priority, the researchers advocate the implementation of aggressive modernization program which means using computers for an instance in the teaching of various subjects in the
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