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2.1 Review of Literature - Poverty in India In this developing era, poverty continues to remain widespread and is present in many countries of the world. Many countries in African and the Indian sub-continent have large populations with income less than $1 a day. Population explosion, governance failures and colonial exploitation have accentuated the lack of adequate 6income have increased the vulnerability of people to livelihood shocks. Growth is not the sole objective of India’s economic policy. It is important to ensure that the benefits of growth reach to all the sections of the society. Eradication of poverty is thus an important economic objective. Human beings need a certain minimum consumption of food and non food items to survive. However the perception regarding what constitutes poverty varies over time and across countries. Nevertheless there is need for a measure of poverty. Only then, it will be possible to evaluate how the economy is performing in terms of providing a certain minimum standard of living to all its citizens. Measurement of Poverty has, therefore, important policy implications. Based upon the reports of government agencies, monthly per capita expenditure for rural areas of Rs. 972 and that for…show more content…
If we consider the international poverty line of $1 per day, then the percentage of poor people in India goes even higher to 34%. If the poverty threshold level is taken to $2 per day, the scenario gets even worse pushing the percentage of the poor to an alarming level of 80%. The Suresh Tendulkar Committee has estimated that over 430 million people (37.2%) are below poverty line based upon a number of deprivations. In terms of non-income dimensions of poverty, such as infant and maternal mortality rates, literacy level, and gender inequality, India continues to display intense

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