Literature Review: Romantic Pheromone

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Romantic Pheromone Review - How Effective is This Pheromone? Read Review A pheromone based formula by the name Romantic claims to enhance specific mood and positive emotional reaction for an added advantage. Of course, naturally secreted pheromones are meant to enhance emotions and cause opposite sex attraction. However, studies have shown that the natural pheromones will likely not give the level of attraction one needs and this could be attributed to evolutionary changes and other factors. Romantic pheromone is said to be amongst the pheromone based perfumes that effectively trigger both social and emotional responses. But how do we know that it really works? My task here is to get all the relevant information about this product and put them together for a better understanding and decision as regards Romantic Pheromones. What is Romantic Pheromone ? Romantic pheromone is deemed to be amongst the pheromone based formulas by Eye of Love. Eye of Love is known to be a brand for varieties of pheromone based perfumes and colognes designed for opposite sex attraction and other benefits. For a fact, Eye of Love Company promotes different categories of pheromone based perfumes as well as colognes for men to attract women and for women to attract men in line with what they are meant for (make users romantic, attractive, more confident). Romantic as a subclass of this company’s pheromone formula, is said to be arousing pheromone cologne and an advanced daily spray parfum

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