Literature Review On Wellbeing

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State of the Science Summary My literature review included studies that analyzed what 'sense of well-being ' meant and what factors effect it. A prevailing theme was that loneliness is a common factor in older adults due to life changes and isolation and that loneliness often leads to depression in these patients. Some of the studies examined how older adults with a healthy sense of well-being have achieved it. Being social and having social support were found to be important factors of a healthy sense of well-being. Some of the studies went on to examine different types of socialization to combat loneliness and improve sense of well-being. Four specific interventions were addressed in the studies I appraised. The volunteering intervention…show more content…
Although the means of social interaction varied – volunteering; religiosity; communicating online, through a robot, or through a postcard; stereotypes; emotional, instrumental, and informational support; reminiscing - the findings were supported by all of the reports. the articles found that social connections were vital to a healthy well-being in older adults. The level of evidence was not a factor in the results being consistent. The studies included older patients in many different countries; yet the findings were consistent. I believe this consensus confirms that their conclusions would continue to be consistent if the interventions were initiated in the United States, or…show more content…
Additionally, improving quality of life for older patients will lead to fewer readmissions which is an current goal of our institution. The administration 's support will make the necessary facilities resources available at no cost. Our medical staff is open to evidence-based practice and, therefore, should be willing to take the extra steps necessary to meet the plan 's objectives. The staff 's support will make the volunteer resources available.The Change Team will include the physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses in our clinical unit.

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