Literature Review: The Effect Of Helicopter Parenting On Children

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The Netflix original series "Black Mirror", is popular for its captivating and astonishing episodes that each contain distinct, mind-blowing themes that take place in our society today. One of the most talked-about issues shown in the series is the effect of helicopter parenting on children. This literature review will demonstrate peer-reviewed scholarly articles explaining how helicopter parenting can affect a child and their development. The sources will help explore the message demonstrated by "Black Mirror 's" season 4, episode 2, "Arkangel" where we see an awfully vigilant and overprotective mother affected her relationship with her daughter due to her overbearing and controlling tendencies. The research question discussed and answered in this literature review is, should parents constantly intervene in their children’s lives by closely hovering over their children and monitoring their daily life? Helicopter parenting has become a debated issue in our society today with many parents siding in favor of constantly monitoring their children at every given moment to ensure their safety. According to "Helicopter Parenting and Emerging Adult Self-Efficacy: Implications for Mental and Physical Health" by Kayla Reed, James M. Duncan, Mallory Lucier-Greer1, Courtney Fixelle and Anthony J. Ferraro, helicopter parents are excessively involved parents who at times do things for their children that they can do on their own and give input on all of their decisions which can

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