Literature Review: The Effects Of Poverty

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2.2 The Effects of Poverty
As stated in the literature review poverty has effects such as:
Infant and Child Morbidity And Mortality
Infant and child morbidity are the most common indicators of the strong direct link between health and poverty. The poor housing and sanitary conditions in which poor children grow up expose them to health hazards that make vulnerable to diseases and increased infant and child morbidity and mortality.
The strong correlation between poverty, poor health and levels of education of mothers is also indicated by the extent of stunting, underweight and wasting of children. Stunting, underweight and wasting children are usually associated with poor overall economic conditions.
Child Labour
Child labour is one important effect of poverty. Most literature that has discussed this phenomenon points to poverty as the main cause of child labour.
Different approaches have been used to measure poverty these are:
a) Income Approach: A person is poor if his/her income falls below a defined poverty line. This is known as the poverty line, which is referred to as a country’s official level of income that is necessary for one to be able to buy basic needs of life. People are classified as above or below the poverty line by comparing their income to an income cut off or poverty line. This line reflects a minimum income need based on the country’s food plan and the different consumption requirements of families of varying sizes and composition.

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