Literature Review: The Importance Of Politeness In Education

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Literature review
In cross-cultural interactions the importance of politeness awareness is most evident. And this is in these types of interactions that the need for politeness education is felt. Many researchers have examined the importance of such instructions (Alcón Soler, 2005; Gu, 2011; Halenko & Jones, 2011; Koike & Pearson, 2005); however, in studies it is usually forgotten that language learners are already socialized into politeness conventions of their l1 and this knowledge can affect their linguistics and pragmatic choices in L2. This effect weather positive or negative can be used in educating learners to have smooth communication in target language. Also it is noted that one of the problematic areas which need special attention in education is disagreement which has the potential of becoming aggravated if the interlocutors fail to manage it in polite way.
Whereas there is a mutual agreement on the importance of politeness, there are still controversies on what politeness is and what does it entail. In the following section the two waves of politeness research and their weak points are being introduced.
First Wave of Politeness Studies
The first focused study on politeness was conducted by Lakoff (1972)and under influence of Grice’s maxim of "Be polite". She proposed two rules of "Be clear" and "Be polite". The later rule consisted of three sub-rules of (1) don 't impose, (2) give options, and (3) make A feel good. Also she made it clear that each culture might

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