Literature Review: The Positive Impacts Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Literature Review
This part of the research overviews the positive impacts of diversity at the workplace. It will show how the diversity is considered as the mother of creativity, how it will increase the workplace productivity, and how the diversity helps the organization become global.
Diversity Increases the Workplace Productivity Diversity is the opportunity for all individuals to develop themselves since they are learning from wide range of people working on the same organization. Those people come from different backgrounds, have different skills, ages, assumptions and disabilities. The diversity provides opportunity for people on the organization to learn from their coworkers and other people in the organization. Which leads to increase
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Nowadays, many organizations are becoming global, international or multinational, so they need to manage the human resources in order to manage the diversity at the workplace. People in these types of organizations are categorized based on the cultural differences, background, gender, age or religion (Kossek, Lobel, & Brown, 2006). The organizations that deal with diverse people are maximizing the employee's experiences and skills and ignoring their origin, nationality or other differences. The workplace diversity helps the employees on the organizations to collaborate with other people from different cultures and nations. As a result, the workplace productivity and profitability will increase through learning and gaining knowledge from each other (Kossek, Lobel, & Brown, 2006). Organizations have to use methods and strategies to manage the diversity in the workplace in order to increase the work productivity. One of the methods the organization can use is motivation ( Robbins & Judge, 2011). There are different ways of employees’ motivation either external or internal motivation.…show more content…
The diversity is one of the most important factors for creativity at the workplace (Baumgartner, n.d.). The team with diverse educational background, gender and culture produce more creative result in contrast to the team that has similar background. As a result, diverse people provide broad knowledge to create better ideas. According to Alzoman (2012),” Culture refers to the values and beliefs that are held during the group interaction that influence the group member behavior and attitude”. The organizational efficiency and effectiveness can be improved due to change in demographic which influence the team performance (Alzoman, 2012). The ability of identifying problems and finding different solution in multicultural team is greater than homogeneous teams (Alzoman, 2012). Having multicultural team is one of the most important requirements for achieving competitive advantages because it increases the creativity and the innovation of the organization (Alzoman, 2012). Cultural diversity improves the creativity in the organization. Each organization must aim to create diverse team to take the advantages of diversity (Viki,

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