Literature Review: The Process Of Perception

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2.1 Perception
2.1.1 The Definition of Perception
Perception is a directly response from the specific absorption or the process of a person to know a few things through her or his senses (Great dictionary of Indonesian Language, 2008). According to Devito (2011), perception is the process by which one becomes aware of against the stimulus that affects the senses someone mentioned. Perception influence the stimulation (stimulus) or a message is absorbed by a person and the meaning of what someone gave to others while others reach consciousness. Rakhmat (2007) defines that perception is an experience about objects, events, or contacts gained from concluded information and interpret the message.
Perception definitions above can be concluded that the perception is a complex cognitive process which produce a unique picture regarding the fact that the possibility is very different from reality. So the conclusion can be drawn that perception is the process of a person to receive information through her or his senses, whether through sight, hearing, feeling or smell. Then stimuli sensory tools against organised to do organizing and interpretation (Hidayah, 2015). The process of interpretation is not the same on every individual to the information accepted

2.1.2 The Process of Perception
According to Devito (2011), he said that perception is complex. Nothing affects messages that enter our brain. What is happening out there can be different with what reaches our

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