Lithium Chloride

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Lithium Chloride Causes Reduced Exploratory Behaviors in Rats Abstract In this pharmacological experiment, the affects of Lithium Chloride LiCl were studied using the Open Field Apparatus to assess for anxiety and fearful behaviors. The Sproang Dolleys were given an IP injection of LiCl then the total distance traveled was measured using the Open Field Apparatus. Other than the total lines crossed, no discernable affects were noted. The unequivocant data confirmed the initial hypothesis by proof in the results. Introduction LiCl is effectively used at treating the positive symptoms exhibited in humans with bipolar disorder . The investigation consisted of blind IP injections in Sproang Dolleys and then running them in the Open Field Apparatus. The Open Field Apparatus was placed over tiles and essentially is used to measure anxiety and…show more content…
In order to accurately determine the amount of dosage to be administered to each animal, the rats were all weighed one hour prior to the experiment. I ran a total of twelve groups in the Open Field Apparatus with each group running two rats each . The experimental rats were administered an IP injection using a 2% dosage of LiCl solution at 85 mgs/kg. Control groups were given a baseline injection of NaCl. The Open Field Apparatus was placed over 48 12x12 tiles in a dimly lit room . It was painted white and stood 3 feet tall to allow for discrete observations. We then recorded the total number of lines crossed, the number of times the rat entered the center tiles, and the total amount of time that the rat spent in the center tiles. Each rat ran for a total of ten minutes. After each rat completed its first trial, the apparatus was then wiped down with ethonal cleaner and paper towels to remove any unwanted pheromones or droppings the animals may have expelled. The next rat was then allowed to run its trial before moving on to the next
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