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When you are suffering from stones, your urologist may suggest lithotripsy. Unless you have had it before, you are probably wondering what it is. Lithotripsy is a medical procedure that is utilized to treat specific types of kidney stones as well as stones in the gallbladder or liver. Lithotripsy is a unique type of treatment since it uses sound waves to break up stones, making them smaller. That way it is easier for the body to pass them, making the patient more comfortable in the process. It also decreases the chance of injury or additional medical problems caused by the stones. It is a great procedure because it can be performed from outside of the body. This procedure has been in use since the 1980s. This has become a great
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Even though it is external, you will probably receive some kind of anesthesia so they are sure you don’t experience any pain and are as comfortable as possible. Once they are sure they have broken up the stones as much as they can and that they are a manageable size, then you are done, and the patient’s body will rid the stones through urination. You will rest in recovery for around two hours after the procedure, which is standard before you go home. Depending on the patient, some may be asked to stay overnight. Once home, you will be asked to take it easy for a couple of days and to make sure you drink plenty of waterup to several weeks after lithotripsy to help flush out any stone…show more content…
So you should know what they are, even though this is an external procedure. When having lithotripsy, you may experience internal bleeding, which can require a blood transfusion. There is also a chance of infection and/or kidney damage, if a stone fragment blocks urine flow out of the kidneys. Possible kidney damage can occur after lithotripsy causing them not to work as well following the procedure. Possible but rare complications that can occur are high blood pressure and kidney

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