Little Black Sambo's Image Of Little Red Riding Hood

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The reason why the image of Little Red Riding Hood was banned was because wine(alcohol) was involved in the basket. There was also one quote in the story that involved the grandmother drinking the wine and feeling more healthy which may have given the impression that drinking alcohol is good for. Because of this some parents were enraged. Little Black Sambo is a very intelligent and crafty child. When put in difficult situations he is able to think of ways that would get him out of danger. He is also efficient. This is proven as he gives each tiger one piece of clothing rather than his entire outfit. When he is facing a problem such as the tiger not accepting his shoes because the tiger has four feet, Little Black Sambo is able to calmly analyze and think of a way to solve the problem. He sees that the tiger have 2 ears in which he puts the shoes on. He is also seems cocky/brave because after the tigers were stuck together he acted sarcastic to them.…show more content…
He is also shown shirtless with nothing but shorts in the beginning of the story. The reason why I think this story was controversial was because the name Little Black Sambo may have been offensive to parents due to racial
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