Little Boy Child Observation

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I observed three little boys on the climber and there was some unsafe action happening. Nick the little boy in the blue shirt and tan pants was climbing up the climber using the steps and wooden part of the slide with a wooden toy in his hands. There was another boy who was climbing up the climber walking pushing a wooden toy up with him. The third boy was climbing up the steps. When Nick got to the top of the slide he slides down really fast. The other boys did not wait they rushed down all fast with wooden toys spread across the front. Nick ran from the slide to a car rack where another child was playing with it but he took it over. He did not talk to the child just burst in and started placing his cars on the rack to slide. Nick was doing…show more content…
He was in the corner looking behind objects trying to find one of the cars that road away. Another child asked the teacher what she was doing. She said “She was taking a picture of Nick with the cars.” In the classroom the toys was all over the place and no labels. A little boy was putting the lid on a bucket of toys and he took the top off and poured the toys out started playing with it. The boy walked away who was playing first and Nick started playing with the object for a few than got up and walked over to a corner with another friends. The little boy was playing with a car set that had a slide for it to slide to the bottom in circles. Nick joined in beside the child just started to play with the cars placing his son and watching it slide. He was into the car set. Something behind him had him staring at it for a minute. He looked over to the teacher saw she was recording him so he got up and got in front of the camera. He walks from it and then said something to the teacher. She said “Now you noticed me recording” I am all done. To be honest I really didn’t learn anything from the video I deal with these kinds of kids all day long and the behavior is normal for Nick

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