Little Britches Ralph Moody Analysis

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” -Colin Powell. In the timeless true story, Little Britches, by Ralph Moody, young Ralph proves this quote true with his diligence and perseverance. Ralph Moody and his family of seven, lived out in the country of Colorado. At the age of eleven years old, Ralph traveled up to a ranch for the summer to earn himself a living. While staying at the ranch, Ralph required the aid of a skilled cow horse to better complete his tasks. Despite the offer of Mr. Cooper, the ranch owner, for one of two docile ponies, Ralph knew he must have one horse in particular. However, no single man had ever handled the horse Ralph so intensely desired to call his own. Disregarding this fact, he decided to take upon himself the task of training the horse he named Sky-High. Ralph made the right decision in his bold attempt to train such a spirted and wild horse as three reasons prove. Ralph greatly impressed, Ralph deeply loved, and…show more content…
After much trial and error and strenuous training, Sky developed into one of the best horses in the country. Sky worked as a cow horse, performed as atrick horse, and ran like a wild horse. In Ralph’s mind, no better horse ever existed than his roan. Because of Sky-High’s many talents, he and Ralph experienced many thrilling affairs together. Winning rodeos, pulling off incredible stunts, or just riding freely, boy and horse alike cherished every moment they spent together. From the time he spent training with Hi and the time spent simply observing Sky, he attained much useful knowledge. The experience bettered his riding abilities and enabled him the skills needed to break a horse in the future. Ralph so deeply desired Sky and worked so diligently to make his dream a reality, that in the end it turned out better than he could ever have imagined or
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