Little Brother Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis- Little Brother
Have you ever been held against your will? In the book Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, the main character, Marcus, and his friends are held illegally in a prison on an island because they are accused of being a part of a terrorist attack on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California. Marcus being held against his will the first time at Treasure Island , the kids illegal rock concert, and people's personal privacy being invaded are catalysts to Marcus wanting to make a change in the authority of the Department of Homeland Security.
Marcus and his friends play a game called Harajuku Fun Madness. In this game there is an online part and a real world part. These two parts exist in a quest that's due weekly. On the day the Bay Bridge exploded Marcus and his friends were
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This event started from Rock bands and from kids who were enthusiastic about rock music. Once this event was set up, kids shared information about the event. Also it was shared over the Xnet. The Xnet is a gaming system that runs software which allows 100% privacy. By using the Xnet the rock concert gained many followers. Once this rock concert was held, police were called shortly after. When the police got to the event they asked for the group to disperse immediately. The police asked the group repeatedly, but the group was carried away with the concert and responded with, “ Take it back” (Doctorow 194). Since the group wouldn't disperse, the police force called in tons of pepper spray and released it on group. This group consisted of many kids as young as 12 years old. From the pepper spray being dropped on the group, many people were harmed and got sick from their actions. Once this happened it sparked Marcus’ desire for change. Marcus didn't think it was reasonable to pepper spray a group of kids who in his mind were having fun and doing nothing wrong. From this event Marcus wanted change in the
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