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If your civil rights were taken away, would you fight to protect your rights or watch and let your civil rights drift away? Marcus, a main character in the book Little Brother, was near the bay bridge in San Francisco when it was blown up by terrorists. He was blamed for it by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Due to the bombing, the city was put under heavy watch by the DHS and everyone was treated as a potential terrorist, especially Marcus. Throughout the book, Marcus fought against the DHS for the rights to privacy of himself and the civilians of San Francisco. During his fight, Marcus is targeted by the DHS who both spy on him and torture him. However, many San Francisco citizens feel as if Marcus is the one who is disrupting their lives, rather than the DHS. The DHS frequently spies on Marcus, even though the DHS has much bigger…show more content…
Although there are many reasons explaining why Marcus is a target, he can also be considered a perpetrator in the eyes of the DHS and many civilians in San Francisco. The main goal of the DHS was to protect the people of San Francisco, and Marcus disrupted that with his actions. If he instead had stayed calm and let the threat of terrorism go down, the DHS may have stopped interfering with the rights of San Francisco citizens. Marcus´ dad is one of those who believes that Marcus is a perpetrator, although he doesn 't know that Marcus is the main person who made the Xnet available to the thousands who use it. This is clearly seen when Marcus´ dad told Marcus: ´¨Marcus you don 't realize it, but you 're providing cover for people who plan on attacking and destroying this country. I don 't want to see you using this Xnet. Not anymore. Do I make myself clear?¨´(Doctorow 206). Marcus was using the Xnet for video games so that he and others could play video games without the DHS spying on him. People like his father see him as a perpetrator because he is using the Xnet to cover terrorists and therefore endangering lives of
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