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Usually, in a healthy relationship, partners don't objectify one another and treat each other as objects instead of human beings which is why Luo’s and the Seamstress’s relationship in the book Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sigie is interesting. From pages 149-152, Luo and the Seamstress are swimming near a waterfall, and Luo has decided to throw his key in the water that belonged to his home. The Seamstress dives in after the key, while Luo keeps throwing it back in the water. In this passage, even though the Seamstress cares for Luo, Luo’s minimization of her ability and sexualization of her shows his lack of respect which is a factor in an unhealthy relationship. Throughout the book, Luo downgrades the Seamstress quite frequently, and it helps explain how he views her poorly. For instance, Luo articulated in the first couple lines of his story, “She used to swim the way peasants do.” Peasants are usually described as low-class, unsophisticated, and ignorant people. Luo criticizes her swimming, compares her to a…show more content…
For example, Luo says he was “stunned by the grace of her sinuous body and her long hair rippling in the water.” She went to go get the key for Luo and all he could do was concentrate on was her body, instead of the Seamstress doing a gracious act for him. The detail of “playing the key ring game” exercises the control that he has on her, and objectifies her. He keeps throwing the key ring back in the water just so he can watch her do it. He then says, “it gave me the opportunity to admire her sensual body gliding through the water naked.” First, he doesn't care that he is making her keep going back to get the key, and then he proceeds to comment on her body while doing it. Luo continually focuses on her body instead of her personality and the things she does to help him. This implies he sees her more for her body then the good inside of

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