Little Fawn Short Story

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“Come on, little one,” Mother Deer whispered softly to Little Fawn. “We must move from here,” Little Fawn stood carefully on wobbly legs - she was still getting used to keeping her balance. But Mother Deer had never made her wander far yet. She sniffed the air as she took a step out of the thick, matted grass in which she had been laying, following cautiously after her mother.
“Don’t be afraid,” Mother Deer encouraged Little Fawn. “We are safe for now.” Little Fawn took a step into the long grasses willowing in the subtle breeze of the morning. Warm sunlight settled onto her back as she felt the long grass tickle her petite legs. The warm light streamed across the waving field of grass, the edges of the grass catching the morning light and sparkled in Little Fawn’s wide, wonder-filled eyes.
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Beads of the water settled on the eyelashes of little fawn, weighing them down and reflecting the amber color of her irises. As soon as the moment came, it ended. Little fawn had followed her mother out of the stream and through the forest once more, but they had came upon a dark scar of the landscape Little Fawn had come to love so dearly already. The forest, usually full of life, was silent; the only sound heard was the scraping of the leaves as they scattered across the dirt ground. All around little fawn was the skeleton of trees that were no more; their bark blackened and hardened, fallen across the forest floor, and ashes of the past floating in the air in the wind. “This, Little Fawn, is why we must be careful. The humans did this to our home, and if you ever see one, you must run immediately.” Mother deer remarked. “They will kill us, our home, our friends, and our earth. Nevertheless, our forest will continue to live and prosper, no matter what happens. I want you to remember this, Little

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