Little Girls Or Little Women The Disney Princess Effect Analysis

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In the article, “ Little Girls or Little women? The Disney Princess Effect,” author Stephanie Hanes educates the reader on the increasing sexualization of our younger generation of girls. Her organizational method of the article provides an easy and personal, yet factual explanation for her audience through her use of combining the appeals of ethos, pathos and logos. Hanes applies ethos by referencing different sources and statistics throughout her article, creating a sense of credibility to the reader. She makes it clear right off the bat that she is well informed on what she’s writing about by including an easy-to-read bullet point list of facts. Included in this list are sources like “University of New Hampshire researchers found in 2005” and “... a London School of Economics study from 2004.” Through continuously citing these and other sources, Hanes ups her credibility while also providing reliable support for her claims.…show more content…
Aside from the bullet points, there are statistics such as “the percentage of 8- to-12- year-olds wearing mascara doubled between 2007 and 2009” relating the sexualization of young girls to a marketing issue. A few other examples would be “...6 girls drop out of sports for every 1 boy by the end of high school,” and “.....23 percent of girls between the ages of 11 and 17 do not play sports,” explaining how the sexualization of adolescent girls is decreasing the age they discontinue playing sports because they “don't think that they look good doing so.” Through her use of the logos appeal, Hanes furthers her credibility and provides a stronger
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