Little Grand Canyon Research Paper

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Wow, this is an amazing sight of beauty. Why is this not a national park? It seems as if we are thinking the same thing. It is visited by hundreds of people every year. I think the government should make this wonderful decision to make the Providence Canyon a national park.

According to the prompt, they call the Providence Canyon the Little Grand Canyon. It is called this because it has some of the same features and marvelous colors of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Many people, including myself, really want to go and visit the Grand Canyon, but it is all the way in Arizona. That is a whole different state. Why should we go all the way out the state just to go see the Grand Canyon when they can just make the Little Grand Canyon, right here
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The Providence Canyon is a good landmark in history. According to history, the canyon was a flat piece of land in the nineteenth century. The first heavy influx of settlers, in Stewart County, came after the Treaty of Indian Springs by which the Creek Indians ceded all their lands east of the Chattahoochee River. Evidence of the existence of the canyon is their mention in a deed by James S. Lunsford. Settlers starting farming on the land and the rain and wind flooded it creating deep trenches to form a canyon. Also, the canyon is home to a rare flower called a plum leaf Azalea. National parks sometimes have mentors to take you around the park and to teach you about the park. This would be so exciting for the kids and teens if they got to go.

Yes, the Providence Canyon State Park should be made into a National Park. This would show the importance and beauty of the Little Grand Canyon. I hope the federal government makes the right decision on making this a National Park. Come on, it would be amazingly exciting, and it would bring more money to our country if you thought about it. I thought the government was all about the people? If so, think about the people this time and make this
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