Little Hattie Case Study

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On 08-23-07 at 1955 hours I, Det. Frankie Sanchez was dispatched to “Little Hattie” a neighborhood in Miami Florida located between Corvette Drive between 73rd Street and 3rd Avenue. I was call in to support my fellow detective Armando Aguilar, who is the lead officer on homicide case .I was brief on the case when I arrived on the scene, the victim was found in the dumpster by a store owner during the evening who recalls smelling a disgusted odor. The boy body was found behind the dumpster according to the report from the store owner. Officers search for clues surrounding the case in the area, however no evidence was found to be sufficient even after emptying the whole dumpster. Arriving at 2300 hour with officer Armando Aguilar there was important…show more content…
Four days later into the case an anonymous tip came through to my superior officer Armando Aguilar saying that “the victim was placed inside a smaller trashcan that was used to transport him”. Once this information was receive CSI unit took the trashcan to find evidence on it that would include fingerprints, however due to the rain from previous nights the weather was wash-out. During narcotics bust officers found a black male who had information regarding the Rod Williams case, this man would give his statement in hopes of a plea deal. This witness claim Quintin shot or even imply he kill Rod Williams by shooting him in the neck. Another suspect Johnny might have purposely the drugs inside of his socks, this would have meant that case was not drug related. Both Quintin and Johnny were bought down to headquarters to be question. Each suspect was bought into different rooms, and each were with parental figures, because they were 16 years old. First, Johnny was interview claiming Quintin kill Rob Williams and help him cover the evidence with two additional suspects. The events occurred at Johnny
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