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Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is the lead protagonist of the DS Lucy Black series of novels by Brian McGilloway. Lucy Black made her first appearance in the novel series in the first novel of the series Little Girl Lost that McGilloway first published in 2011. The series of novels are best classified as detective crime fiction. The DS Lucy Black series is a police procedural featuring the detective sergeant who protects the citizens of an Irish police district alongside her fellow policed officers. Besides being a police officer, she also cares for her senile father though that never stops her from giving her all towards ensuring that the community she lives in is safe. Little Girl Lost the first novel of the DS Lucy Black series opens to…show more content…
Little Lost Girl is an incredible crime thriller that provides great insights into father daughter dynamics, greed and vengeance, greed and corruption. It is an excellent story that goes to show why McGilloway is one of the most respected crime thriller novelists. DS LUCY BLACK AWARDS: Brian’s debut novel in the series Little Girl Lost was the winner of the 2011 McCrea Literary Award by the University of Ulster in addition to being a No.1 Bestseller in the UK and a New York Times bestseller. BEST JACK REACHER BOOKS: Bad Blood the fourth novel of the series is the compelling novel full of complicity and hatred. A young man’s body has just been discovered at the local park his head smashed in and an admission receipt into a gay club the only clue as to his identity. DS Black is assigned the case and as she dives into the investigations, she can feel the tension between a local hate speech pastor and the local Gay Rights group. The pastor had a few weeks past advocated that gays be stoned and had so far refused to recant or apologize. Things become even more complicated when a group of neo Nazis starts targeting the immigrant working class. Throw in local police politics and you have a volatile mix that could erupt at any
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